Bigeria Presents Decentralized Profit-Sharing Advertising (De-Ads) for Individuals and Businesses


Earn money when you post on Twitter or Facebook Daily!


Advertise your Business at really affordable rates with Bigeria De-Ads. Get your Business "Recommended" & Trending and get seen by thousands of people Daily across Twitter and Facebook


Bigeria De-Ads is the only advertising platform where real users "Recommend" your business or products across Facebook or Twitter Daily

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More than two billion people use Facebook and Twitter every month – so no matter what kind of audience you want to reach, you'll find them using Bigeria De-Ads


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How Bigeria De-Ads Works


For Businesses

Contact us at or via our live WhatsApp Support +2348077935147 to advertise your Business at really affordable rates.

Get your Business "Recommended" by real users sharing your ads directly across Facebook or Twitter and get seen by thousands of people Daily


For Users

Create an account and login to your Office
All you have to do is share a post from "My De-Ads" on your Bigeria office to your Facebook or Twitter account and you'll get credited on your account
Earning with is really that easy

Rules to Participate

Must be following Bigeria on Facebook or Twitter (depending on where you're sharing on)
Must have a registered account (that's where we'll credit your payment daily)
Must have a minimum of 200 active followers or friends on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (depending on where you're sharing on)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to refer someone before I get paid?

A. No, You don't have to refer anyone to get paid daily. Feel free to introduce Bigeria De-Ads as a source of earning to your family and friends. we pay you for sharing post on the Bigeria De-Ads to your Facebook or Twitter account

Q. How long does withdrawal take after making a withdrawal request?

A. Your account gets credited 24hours after sharing sponsored post from Bigeria De-Ads to your Facebook, or Twitter account. Withdrawals get processed within a few minutes after initiating withdrawal

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