Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Nano and other Cryptocurrency Instantly on Nigeria's Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange
Bigeria Exchange is Nigeria's leading cryptocurrency exchange and the fastest and safest way to Buy and sell Bitcoin, Nano, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency instantly at best market rates in Nigeria with Naira ₦
Bigeria Smart Wallet is a Blockchain-Powered High Interest Savings Smart Wallet, Earn up to 3% on your savings monthly and up to 30% on your savings per annum | High Interest Savings Paid In Dollars (USDC) Daily
Bigeria Smart Wallet is the only way to store money in a vault and earn high interest rewards wherever you go | Smart Money is on Bigeria πŸ˜‰
Is Bigeria a registered company in Nigeria? | Bigeria is owned and managed by Bigeria Technologies, Licensed and registered by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria RC: 3022577
Bigeria is Protected by Insurance "Bigeria SHIELD" | Cryptocurrency stored on our servers is covered by our insurance policy, Bigeria SHIELD is an emergency insurance fund
For Personal and Businesses Savings | Discover the Power of Compound Interest
Transform Your SmartPhone into a Wealth Building Tool with Bigeria Blockchain-Powered Smart Wallet | Next Generation High Interest Savings Wallet
Earn high interest on your savings in Dollars (USDC) daily by staking cryptocurrency and easily exchange back to Naira ₦ (NGN) or Bitcoin (BTC) or Nano instantly...
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How to Get Started

Bigeria helps you buy and sell Bitcoin, Nano, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency in three easy steps | Bigeria is the only exchange that pays you high interest on your daily crypto trades
Create an account
Link your bank account
Start buying & selling crypto instantly & Earn interest on your crypto trades daily
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Why Choose Us

Why are people from all over Africa choosing Bigeria?

Instant & Global Payments ₦ + $

Receive automated payments in your Naira bank account or digital wallet when you buy or sell your crypto in less than 2 minutes. Send or receive money with your customised username or phone number instantly from anyone at zero fees, literally

Registered Company | Trusted and Secure

Bigeria is owned and managed by Bigeria Technologies, Licensed and registered by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria RC: 3022577

Customer's First | Support Available 24/7

Receive immediate feedback, Chat live 24/7 with our efficient customer care and support team. At Bigeria we place the utmost importance on our customers security and privacy, All communications and transactions are private and securely done

2-FA Verification on All Accounts

In addition to your username and password, 2-FA is enabled on all accounts, adding an extra layer of security for your account

Zero Transactions & Withdrawals Fees

No extra fees, Buy and sell crypto at best market rates, send and receive money instantly with your customised usernames or phone number with other Bigerians for FREE eg $Eri. Enjoy zero withdrawal fees on all transfers

Buy, sell Bitcoin & other crypto via WhatsApp instantly

Buy and sell Bitcoin, Nano, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency instantly via trading with Bigeria official WhatsApp contact +2348077935147. Customers can contact us to make requests to buy or sell a coin not listed already

Instant 50% Referral Commission

Enjoy instant 50% referral commission on all crypto trades of your referrals & 1% referral commission when you refer someone to save with Bigeria Blockchain-Powered Smart Wallet. Bigeria offers the very best market value and an easy way to earn daily

Naira ₦, Dollars, Bitcoin & Nano Smart-Wallet | Enabling a Smart Economy

Store deposited money in your Bigeria Wallets as Naira, Bitcoin, Nano, Ethereum or US Dollar for as long as you want and receive instant interests on your savings paid upfront! Smartlock away funds you'd normally be tempted to spend and receive an instant 2% high interests on your savings paid upfront! (terms applies) send and receive money instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world with Zero Fees, literally

Blockchain-Powered Bitcoin Lottery

The incredible Bigeria (Who wants to be a Bitcoin millionaire) Bitcoin lottery jackpot is the first of its kind and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. We provides the opportunity for anyone to become a Bitcoin Millionaire. Register to claim your free $10 ₦3600 today! Win up to $1000 ₦360,000 everyday, it could and should be you!

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2000 Registered Bigerians and still counting

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